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For many years, the Department of Recreation has successfully provided the youth of our area with recreational programs that emphasize sportsmanlike competition. We have encouraged family participation for all involved.

As a parent, you are being asked to agree to encourage sportsmanlike conduct and competition. Most children learn by example, therefore, you must be even more aware of the importance of setting a good example. We all realize that the peer pressures facing our young people today is of great magnitude. Because of these pressures, and the desire to give our children an opportunity to experience the joy of competition as a winner and loser, we have adopted the following Code of Conduct to be adhered to by each of you.
  • I will provide positive support, care and encouragement for my child
  • I will respect the managers/coaches, other players and officials at all times and I will ask my child to do the same.
  • By demonstrating positive support, I will encourage good sportsmanship toward coaches, players and officials at all times.
  • I will support coaches and encourage my child to follow the directions of his/her coach(s).
  • I will encourage my child to attend practices and games
  • I understand that these games are for my child, not me. Therefore, I will put my child’s well being ahead of my personal desire to win.
  • I will respect the officials of the game and rulings they make. I will not verbally abuse or question any official about rulings he/she has made. I will speak in a positive manner about the game officiating, both during and after the game. I will willingly give my name to an official, if asked.
  • I will follow the park rules and ensure that my child follows them also. I understand that these rules are enforced for safety reasons.
We hope that by developing the CODE OF CONDUCT, you will understand what is expected from you as a parent. We are dedicated to offering the young people of the area a place where they can participate in good, clean fun. We want to be a place where they can be themselves and grow mentally and physically without the pressure of being more than they are able to be, yet better themselves.

Please share this Code of Conduct with anyone who plans to attend practices or games.

Thank you!