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All participants are subject to the participant conduct policy. Participants are accountable for their own actions regardless of the actions of another individual. Participants are expected to conduct themselves with good sportsmanship. Chippy play, disrespectful verbal engagement, or contributing to the escalation of an incident and/or intentional physical contact with another player and any other disrespectful conduct is strictly prohibited.

The City of Malden Recreation Department promotes a clean game and enjoyable playing environment and any actions that are contrary to that are considered a violation of the policy.  Any conduct that is considered to be unbecoming of a player, in violation of the terms and conditions, and/or contrary to the program's mission, will subject the offending player to disciplinary action, as deemed necessary by The City of Malden Recreation Department. Upon any offense, The City of Malden Recreation Department may, at its discretion, take disciplinary action against the offending player in the form of a warning or other penalty up to and including permanent ineligibility to participate in any programs. Subsequent offenses will result in more stringent disciplinary action varying from suspension, up to and including permanent ineligibility to participate in any future programs, leagues, or tournaments.

If bullying is identified or reported to a player, they should immediately report the incident to their respective Coach or City staff member, who will ensure the complaint is investigated and dealt with promptly and effectively. We will promote a TELLING atmosphere. This means that anyone who knows that bullying is taking place is expected to report the incident, as indicated previously.

One strike rule on fighting: Any involvement in a fight on or off the court/field, challenge to a fight, or the threat of physical harm will result in a permanent lifetime ban from any and all City of Malden Recreation Department programs and events.

Players who are suspended or ineligible to participate in a scheduled program due to disciplinary action taken by the Department will not be entitled to a refund.  All decisions made by The City of Malden Recreation Department are final.